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Take Me Home Pet Tag

Get your custom pet tag and make sure they get home again.
(This product has a limit set to 10 item(s) per order)
Some times no matter how careful you are, your pet slips past you and gets out the door. It is furparents worse nightmare, so make sure they are protected and will make their way back to you.

Your custom 'Take Me Home Pet Tag', will help insure that your pet will easily get back to you.

  • List your name, address, phone, email, pets name & photo(s).
  • Special requirements such as medications, list pets personality traits, shy, scares easily, ect ... all can be put on your custom pet tag.
  • Upload up to two photos.
  • You can have as little or as much information on your tag as you are comfortable with.
  • Your tag composition will depend on how much information you are listing.

Please remember though, the more information you put the smaller the text will be.

I will add a QR code at no additional charge.