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I am creativePaw. Everything is made by me, many items are repurposed, meaning they were once something else and have made remade into something new, you'd be surprised how many cute things you can make out previously used items! Many products that are sewn are sewn by hand but a few of the sewn products are sewn by machine, how something is made will be in the product description. As far as creating a custom item, send me your idea and I'll see what I can do. My store features hand made animals, jewelry, hair accessories, pet tags, pet clothing, ect ....

Look around, I am sure you'll find something you like, all products shown are available now. Custom products take longer and I will let you know how long once I know what you want. As a standard, custom made products will take a minimum of 2 weeks to make and are shipped immediately upon completion.

Emma, my loveWe have adopted from Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue (the love of my life, furangel Emma) and from Old Dog Haven (via a courtesy listing), the two new loves of my life munchkins that Emma sent to heal my heart when she went to spirit, Coco Puff and Bear Bear, brother and sister, so any contributions made using the orange contribute button below will be donated to one of these two rescues.

A portion of the sale of certain products will also be donated to a rescue, if an item you buy is a participating product and you have a preferred rescue to donate to, enter the name in the option box during checkout. Not all products are participating, but those that are will have a box to write your choice in, if nothing is entered it will go to the rescue of our choice.

Thank you for shopping, enjoy and have a blessed day!!

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Hand sewn tee shirt baby doll
Hand sewn tee shirt baby doll