Quilted - Puffy, Pillow Pads & Beds

Comfy, cozy, soft and fluffy pet bed.

All the beds are handmade by me out of soft, cozy fleece and stuffed to soft comfy puffiness or pillow fluffiness, these pet beds are very cozy and I promise your dog or kitty will love them!!

Puffy Pad - they work great as a crate/kennel pad, they are about an inch to inch and a half of fluffiness. They are quilted and come in sizes from small for kitties or puppies to huge for bigger dogs. Made of all soft, comfy fleece on both sides, my pets love them!  If you need a size not shown for a crate, please contact me.

Puffy Beds - these beds are one piece of fleece on both sides sewn into squares. They are about 3 to 4 inches of soft, cozy, comfy thickness, thicker with a little more cushion than the Puffy Pad. Made with soft, plush fleece, front and back. Squares vary in size, these beds are handmade and squares will not be perfectly square, each bed is unique and one of a kind. Square size will depend on bed size.

Quilted Cotton & Fleece Puffy (cotton one side, fleece other side) - beds are made using cotton squares on one side that are stuffed, with fleece on the backside. Cotton squares can be 6, 8 or 10 inches depending on the bed size, bed shown is 6 inches. Each square is about 2 to 3 inches thick and individually stuffed. These are thicker than the Puffy pads but not quite as thick as the Puffy beds and are very soft, comfy and cozy!

Quilted Cotton Pillow (cotton both sides) - beds are reversible, they have cotton fabric squares on both sides and are essentially two beds in one, each side features different squares and means you have two different styles to choose from. The photo with the dog on the bed, last photo is a quilted pillow with my CocoPuff on it. These are the 10 inch squares, square size will depend on bed size.

All the fabrics shown are currently available but change frequently so if you like one don't wait too long. Choose the fabric option, size and style (puffy, quilted puffy or pillow) you want and your bed will be made just for your precious furbaby. New fabric options always coming in. Quilted squares are made using whatever I have available at the time. If you want something specific, please contact me.

Machine washable, cold water, dry on low or medium

I make the bed once it is ordered so they will ship in 3 or less days after order date. Sizes are approximate.
Ex-Small size, 14 inch by 20 inch, cat or very small dog size
Small size, 20 inch to 24 inch
Medium size, 24 inch by 28 inch
Large size, 28 inch by 32 inch
Ex-Large size, 32 inch by 38 inch
Giant size, 36 inch by 48 inch
If you want something bigger, contact me and remember shipping is going to be expensive the bigger the bed is. Orders over $99 ship FREE (USA only)!

*The cotton square size, (4, 6, 8 or 10 inch) used for the bed is determined by the bed size. Bed theme is determined by whatever cotton squares I have in stock. If you want a particular theme contact me before ordering.

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